The Company

Biodentify was founded as a spin-out from Dutch R&D group TNO in December 2014. TNO is a 3000+ R&D organization, hosting the largest Microbiological research group in the Netherlands. Biodentify is owned and managed by 3 partners with extensive entrepreneurial experience bringing innovative technologies to market in the Oil & Gas industry.
The company has developed a novel technology, predicting prospectivity before drilling, with approx. 70% accuracy, based on microbiological DNA analysis of shallow soil or seabed samples.

Executive leadership:

Gerard de Jager (CEO),
Jonathan Zwaan (Commercial Director),
Chris te Stroet (Technology Director).


First shale client

Maturing modelling AI-algorithms develop parallelization

First offshore client

Maturing feature selection AI-algorithms, build up offshore seabed sample database


First publication and tradeshow attendance

URTeC Austin: 2671117 Predicting Sweet Spots in Shale Plays by DNA Fingerprinting and Machine Learning.


Awarded EU grant

Our project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation – SME Instrument programme under grant agreement No 829284


Expand operations & marketing

Execute pilots in key areas in North Sea, US and Argentina to expand the database with additional field samples and production data, mature technology.

Our Management Team

Jonathan Zwaan

Commercial Director

Chris te Stroet

Technology Director